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Today im going to tell you the answer to the riddles,  Sorry i am posting the answers now. Q: Which ring is square A: a boxing ring.  Q: What gets broken without being held A: a promise, Q:A mother had five boys Marco, Tucker, Webster and Thomas. Was the fifth boys name Frank, Evan or Alex,…

My fav educational sites

Safiyyah's Super World!!!

  • ReadTheory – A website for all ages and free. Can it get any better!! Basically you get a passage to read, then you have to do a quiz. For each correct answer you get some KP (knowledge points) and for each incorrect answer you get no KP. At the end of the quiz it tells you if you passed, how many KP you earned and you also earn resource levels. There’s also a ‘My Discoveries’ page, but if you want to know more about that, check their site out! ⇑
  • Duolingo – It’s a site for learning languages, sadly there are only European languages but they are working on some other languages too. It’s also free and you can add friends and compete with them for XP. This is the site we use to learn Turkish!
  • Memrise – Yet again free. You can learn anything you want on there and more!!!! Add friends and compete to earn points and rank up!

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Nusaybah's Secret World

Lefkoşa is the capital city of Cyprus, we went there today to do a few things and while we were there I took some pictures, here they are…


The sky was sooo dark even thought it was only like 12/12:30


Half was the sky was covered in huge grey clouds and half was clear blue.

Half the sky was was covered with huge grey clouds and half was clear blue

This is a tiny Masjid.


The sky is quite clear here.

photo-5photo-7photo-7And this is the sky and

This is a mountain they painted the Turkish flags on but i could not get a pic of it cus we were driving.


This is a huge Masjid, but they are still building it.


This is a clearer pic.


Well guys hope you liked the pics on lefkoşa, see ya soon. 🙂

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My dads business…..

please share

Safiyyah's Super World!!!

Assalamu Alaykum wr wb,

I’m excited to be sharing my Dad’s business with you!!!

On the site you can sign up for online I/GCSE mathematics, which covers core mathematical topics. This business is unique because it is targeted at Muslims and kids that are preparing for their 2017 exams.

Website, which contains blog:

Facebook page:

Youtube Channel:

Email address :

Skype ID :

THAT’S MY DAD RIGHT THERE!!!! 😀    BTW the child talking at the end is my brother, Ubi!

Plz help us out by spreading the word, subscribing to the site and channel and supporting us!!!!

Keep reading because you can sign up for a live webinar for just £3.00 a session!!!! 😉

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