Another drawing

Salaams, Sorry for not posting in a while I finally found something to put on my blog, it's another drawing I have no Idea what number drawing it is that is why I titled it another drawing. It is a pelican from artventure, I might make a better soon be cause I did it a... Continue Reading →


A What If Situation 2 completed

#Recycle To Create!

Our Homeschool Journey

Well my what if situation 2 is done

If only people actually used them, H says there are more like it in London but do people use them? I doubt It. If only there were more, this one ☝️ is in a service station so more people do use them, yet some how rubbish still ends up on the floor.

If Thereasa May made it a law that you had to recycle and use the bins provided (and make more) it should work better, but if she does that she needs to provide more recycle bins all over London especially next to all the bus stops and train stations.

We all need to work harder. A good solution is collect groups of children with creative minds and ask them how they would help the planet, charities and petitions don’t always work, for example why not make the recycling bins out…

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Lulu wal Marjaan

Please donate

Our Homeschool Journey

Assalaamu Alaikum

We are collecting items for Aid Convoy’s Learning centre.

*Please donate any of the below listed items.*

Remember to label your donation bags & boxes _Lulu wal Marjaan_

*Contact* 07562608409
*Address* Edinburgh Rd, Walthamstow, E17 7QB


*Donation link:*


Correction fluids
Scissors (for kids)
Glitter (all colours)
Felt (all colours)
Sponge noodles (used normally for swimming)
Cream of Tatar for Playdough
Playdough equipment
Slit pins

*References books:*
Farm animals
(Story books ideally in Arabic, will accept English also)

Small plastic insects and animals
Sea creatures
Toys (for all ages – preferably educational toys)

World globe
Water play equipment
Measuring equipment
Maths cubes
*Alka selzer tablets* (A MUST!)

Whiteboard markers black & coloured
Sellotape: Wide and narrow rolls (big rolls)
Cotton wool balls
Red pens
Rubbers/sharpeners (good lasting quality)
Paint: red green blue yellow (etc)

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