Animal Anagrams

Salaams, here are some anagrams about animals llejy hisf art likler ealwh  c r o c o l i d e nikg brcoa itkten aedniidelph treag iethw krsh that's enough for now 🙂 salaams


Anagrams winner+answers

Salaams, The winner of the anagrams is blog phantom from dee-dares who scored 9/10. Answers 1) light bulb 2) bottle 3) pillow 4) graphs 5) quote 6) code 7) super hard 8) handle 9) curtain 10) enough That's it for now, salaams. 🙂  

An Inspirational Truth

Our Homeschool Journey


In the Quran it is said that Allah tests the ones he loves.

And not that we need proof but if you pay attention to the stories of the prophets it is undeniable.

The prophet Nuh (Noah) was teased for building a boat on land no where near the sea. The Prophet Muhammad (saw) was kicked out of Mecca by his own family, and the family of Ibraheem (a.s), in my opinion had it the hardest. It is said in the Quran that Ibraheem (a.s) was Allah’s best friend and as I mentioned before Allah tests the ones he loves.

In the story of Ibraheem (a.s), his father was an idol maker and worshipper and when Ibraheem was given the message of Allah, his father hated him and then his entire town threw him into a enormous fire.

He was asked by Allah to leave his wife and new…

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Anybody’s capable of making a blog


Anybody’s capable of making a blog if people make fun of your blog or bully or say your writings bad  ignore them everybody has there ups and downs . Just write anything about what you do or were you went anything even if it’s about what you had for breakfast my advice is just write be strong I went through things like that. If you need any feedback you can ask me, my brother Mr. D and my cousin Bushra  I will give the links to there blog’s at the end of this post. Don’t worry everybody needs feedback sometime I need feedback from you guys to that’s it for now folks see you later.

Mr.D’s blog   Bushra’s blog Oh and by the way check my other cousins blog she made it the other day Salams.


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